Vandendorpe Reads

Christian Vandendorpe’s “Reading on Screen: The New Media Sphere” located here starts off with a brief history of, not just books, but reading in general, showing how it evolved over time from oral reading to silent reading, just as “books” evolved from the scroll to bound volumes. As is well known, the most definitive milestone … Continue reading

Ryan Talks About Fiction

As an avid reader and writer and gamer respectively I found Marie-Laure Ryan’s article on digital fictional worlds “Fictional Worlds in the Digital Age” located here fascinating. She starts off by tackling the issue of fiction, as everyone’s idea is subjective, she explains what fiction means to her, stating that “a text of fiction invites … Continue reading

What is an ebook? Youtube knows.

I know this is an old video, and it’s an old topic, but I think it’s a very good concise look at what e-books are, the history of them, as well as touching up on some topics Emma, Ronan and I talked about in our presentations on e-books and e-publishing.

Morrison: On Blogging

Aimeé Morrison’s essay on blogging called “Blogs and Blogging: Text and Practice” located here is a very easy and enjoyable read for anyone interested in learning about the definitions, history and use of blogs and blogging. Beginning with a general overview and definition of blogging, Morrison then goes into a broader history and definition of … Continue reading

O’Donnell on Obsolescence

In his article “Disciplinary Impact and technological Obsolescence in Digital Medieval Studies” available here Daniel Paul O’Donnell gives an interesting and readable breakdown of the history of the difficulties and triumphs of medievalists, and indeed scholars in general, with regards to the digital editions. O’Donnell begins by recounting a lecture he was at in which … Continue reading

The Word Is The Beginning

This blog marks the beginning of my work for my Seminar in English Lit. : Textualities: Texts, Technotexts and Hypertexts. However, this little blog could be the dawning of a wonderful academic blogging carrier.